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Your Behaviour, Your Choice

We believe that students will only reach their potential if they feel safe, secure and free to flourish. Our focus is on providing the right environment, where students concentrate on the things that matter to them, for example learning, building friendships and readying themselves for adulthood.

We recognise that this can be a process of trial and error, so we are always on hand to support our students whatever their needs. Low level disruption can result in lost teaching time, disruption of students learning and an increase in stress for all concerned. This is not what we want for our students. Everyone is entitled to learn in an environment that is calm and productive.

In order to address this issue we have implemented a new behaviour strategy.

Our C1 and C2 sanctions which are given as part of the discipline procedure are now centralised. A C1 will result in a 10 minute break time detention, a C2 will result in a twenty minute lunchtime detention. These will take place in one designated classroom and be supervised by the staff duty team. Failure to attend these could lead to isolation or inclusion.

A C3 Red Card will mean withdrawal to the inclusion unit where the student will remain until the staff feel that they are able to return to lesson and conduct themselves appropriately. A student receiving a Red Card will have a full break and lunch time detention, on the same day where possible. They will be allowed to obtain their lunch and this will be eaten in the isolation unit. Parents will still be informed of the Red Card as this will be on the student’s record.

It should be noted that refusal to go into lesson or leaving a lesson without permission will incur an automatic Red Card for truancy.

We will be allocating points to the sanctions and students who gather a total of 9 negative or more points in a 5 day period will spend a day in inclusion. Parents can monitor these points on SLG (Sims Learning Gateway) and students can track their behaviour on class charts. If you have had any access issues please contact the Academy.

Inclusion Unit

When students are in inclusion or isolation they are expected to work in silence. They will have a shortened lunch and break, which will also be taken in inclusion/isolation. Students must behave according to the rules of inclusion. If a student refuses to follow these rules the Academy may be forced to issue fixed term exclusion.

There may be other reasons why a student could spend time in inclusion, however, the same rules will apply.

The isolation facility will also be used for things such as, incorrect uniform. A student will stay within the isolation unit until their uniform is corrected. Students may also spend time here when an investigation is carried out regarding to an incident. At all times the rules of the inclusion unit must be followed.

We understand that this may sound quite severe, but for the vast majority of students this will have no direct impact. Most importantly this will mean a reduction in lost learning time as teachers will no longer lose time challenging low level disruption.

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