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Positive Rewards at Wayland Academy

Rewards are an acknowledgement of students’ hard work and effort both in the classroom and around the academy. There is a constant expectation that all students will be praised and rewarded. Parents and students will be notified or rewards and can monitor their score via the Class Charts website and App. Positive Rewards also link directly to the Rewards Store in Class Charts. Students can purchase their chosen item from the app and collect it in the academy. The current list of available items is listed in the Rewards Store.

Positive rewards can be grouped into 4 main core categories:

INSPIREDof extraordinary quality.

This reward should be given to a student that has produced an outstanding piece of work independently that shows accuracy, detail and subject knowledge.

DRIVEN so determined to achieve something or be successful that all of their behaviour is directed towards this aim.

This reward should be given to a student that has pushed themselves and given a high level of effort to complete a task and produced work that shows improvement and progress

EXCEEDEDgo beyond, be greater than what is stipulated.

This reward should be given to a student when they complete extra-curricular activities, groups or tasks in addition to timetabled lessons.

ACHIEVEDsuccessfully bring about or reach a desired objective by effort, skill, or courage.

This reward should be given to a student that has shown significantly high level academic achievement compared to their peers.

In addition to the four core categories there are other rewards that are specific to year groups.

These are:

Y11 Electives - this reward should be given to a student when they have attend an extra sessions for a certain subject that is in addition to timetabled lessons.

Accelerated Reader - this reward should be given to a student who achieves 100% in an accelerated reader test.

Students will automatically receive Positive Rewards for:

COPE - A student that Cooperates in lessons, is On-task when required, is Punctual to every lesson and has all of their Equipment for lessons in a week will be awarded an automatic Positive Reward point

Attendance - A student will be awarded this automatically each time they have achieve 100% attendance for a 4 week period

Class Charts is a great tool Wayland Academy use for outstanding classroom management.

The academy vision is:

“Our mission is to create learning that enables students to Innovate, Discover, Explore and Activate, underpinned by our core value of Improving Life Chances through Education”.

 “A good IDEA helps students to COPE”

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