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Inclusion Unit (IU)

The Inclusion Unit encompasses many different aspects of academy life and links closely with Learning Support to monitor and cater for the students that share this provision. Safeguarding is a primary focus for the IU and the majority of referrals will be initiated by the team. Using ClassCharts IU staff will collate the list of students who have received C1, C2 and Time Out sanctions and produce a register for the staff supervising the detention at break or lunch.

A student that receives a Red Card will spend the remainder of that period in the IU. IU staff will monitor the student’s behaviour and decide when the student is able to return to lesson and conduct themselves appropriately.

IU staff will then arrange the appropriate break and lunch time detentions as a consequence for the Red Card.

The IU staff will communicate the details of the Red Card to the following via ClassCharts:

  • Parents
  • Assistant Principal –Pastoral
  • Heads of Faculty
  • Progress Leaders
  • Progress Tutors
  • SENDCo


Students will be placed in isolation for Red Cards, incorrect uniform or whilst investigations are carried out into other incidents. Students will follow the rules of the IU at all times.


Students will spend time in the IU as the result of 2 Red Cards or the accumulation of 9 or more negative points in a 5 day period.

Students may also spend time in the IU as a consequence of a sanction given by the following members of staff:

  • Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • Assistant Principals
  • Heads of Faculty
  • Progress Leaders

SLT Inclusion

Students may complete a period time in SLT Inclusion as an alternative to Inclusion or as an alternative to a Fixed Term Exclusion. Students that do not meet the expectations of an SLT Inclusion will receive a Fixed Term Exclusion for Non-Compliance.


Referral Procedure

Students sent there as per Red Card procedure.

Progress Leaders may request that a student remains in the IU for the rest of a day as a result of receiving more than 2 red cards in a week. It is likely that the IU will take this immediate action before the Progress Leader is aware of the second Red Card.

Progress Leaders may request that the IU holds onto a student whilst an incident is investigated. This student is not yet in any trouble (i.e. incident being investigated). They are in isolation for their own protection/ benefit until the facts have been established. Ideally a Progress Leader would use a Progress Tutor or their own classroom first. But this is not always possible/ practical.

Through the behaviour referral process, with the involvement of Assistant Principals, Progress Leaders and /or the SENDCO as part of an IBP/ PSP- reduced timetable.

Following a period of fixed term exclusion as part of a re-admission in agreement with Assistant Principals, the SENDCO (where necessary) and the Inclusion Services Manager.

The SENDCO Liaising with Assistant Principals, Progress Leaders and Inclusion Services Manager as part of IBP/ PSP- reduced timetable, ‘time out’. For a student on the SEN register as part of an IBP/ PSP/ re-admission. Communicated with Assistant Principals, Progress Leader, Inclusion Services Manager and Parent.